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If you are experiencing any issue with your Phone and have concerns about it, Repair Mate provides you with the best Samsung Phone Repairs services at a low-cost and quicker time instant.

Technology Repair Services

Repair Mate  is the finest mobile phones repair centre to get your Mobile Phone repairs. If you are experiencing any issue with your Mobile  Phone and have concerns about it. In that case, Repair Mate provides you with the best Mobile Phone Repairs services at a low-cost and quicker time instant. We do all kinds of repairs from smartphones to tablets and laptops.

Repair Mate Services. 

1.       Screen Replacement

Damaged or cracked screen is the most common issue with mobile phones. We deliver two screen replacement options in regards to Samsung Screen Repairs.


                                 I.            Screen Replacement (Working LCD and Touch)

This repair is feasible for Samsung Phones that has cracked glass/screen on condition that its touch is working fine and there are no dark patches or lines on the screen. It is competitively cheaper than full Screen and Display Replacement.


                               II.            Screen & Display replacement

By chance if your device faces major damage affecting LCD resulting in issue like discoloration and unresponsive touch. Then the only substitute is the Full Screen and Display Replacement.


2.       Charging Port Replacement

The charging component on your mobile phone can often be easily damaged by liquid and physical impact. If you are facing any issue with you Samsung Phone Charging Port then our technicians are more than capable of fixing it.


3.       Battery Replacement

In case you have a Samsung Phone with a degraded battery that doesn't hold charge, or if your iPhone has a swollen battery. Or your Phone is dead because of the battery. Whatever maybe the case, visit our store, we’ll have the battery swapped in no time.


4.       Camera Replacement

Being the most delicate part of the phone, Camera can easily get damaged.  If your camera's lens is scratched, it does not focus properly or the image is blanked out, whether it be front camera or back camera our technicians can take care of the issue and fix it in no time.

5.       Buttons Issue

The Buttons provided on the Smartphones are very essential to use the phone as desired. Whether it be Power Button, Home Button or Volume Button, if you have Samsung Phone with broken or damaged buttons, then visit our store to get the phone operational again.


6.       Water Damage

If your Samsung Phone is exposed to liquid, then it is better to have a professional repair it for you as water damage can damage your phone permanently. If you are searching for a repair Centre that fixes water damage phones, then we are just the place for you.


7.       Inspection and quote

In case you want to repair a Samsung Phone but you’re not sure which parts has issue and needs replacing. Then our technician will physically inspect the device to determine the actual issue with your device and provide you with an estimate quote.






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