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iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement (Working Display & Touch) [High Quality]

This repair applies to the iPhone 7 Plus device with a cracked, damaged, broken, smashed screen, but it responds to your touch & the display is in 100% working order. The assessment fee of $49 may be charged if the technician assesses the device.

Screen Replacement (Working Display & Touch) [High Quality]

    • iPhone 7 Plus Digitizer Replacement expert in South Yarra, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Carnegie & Australia wide
    • Repair done within 1day
    • Competitive price for Touch Screen Replacement
    • Quality parts and expert technicians in South Yarra, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Carnegie & Australia wide for iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement

Repairing Service

  • Screen Replacement (Working Display & Touch) [High Quality] $119.00
  • $ 119.00
  • Book Repair
  • or in 4 payments of $29.75 info

The price is inclusive of Parts, Labour & GST. No Additional charges.

Quick Info

  • Estimated Repair Time
    1 Hour
  • Walk in
  • Pick Up
  • Mail in Repair
  • Water proof / Water resistant-
  • Parts Type
    High Quality Non-genuine
  • Low Stock
    Please Call

Available Payment Options

  • Poli Payment
  • Direct Deposit/Internet Transfer
  • Credit card
  • Afterpay
  • Zip Payment
  • Pay Later


iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement Service in South Yarra, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Carnegie & Australia wide:

Considered one of the best iPhones on the market. The device has been considered as a consumer favourite. Such a lavish phone does come with its own variety of risks. One of the most common problems that iPhone users are found to have is Screen breakage. There are times when you LCD still is in perfect condition but your touch starts to malfunction or vice versa.

iPhones have two separate layers of screen, one for touch and one for display. Most of the times it one of these components that break. 

If this happens, Consumers definitely want the best repair options in their vicinity that fix such anomalies at a reasonable cost. The best high-quality repair option you will find is Repair Mate. This particular repair establishment specializes in professional repair services for your mobile devices. From screen repairs to any kind of hardware related phone repairs, they are more than equipped to handle it all. On top of that, All of these repairs are done at an affordable price.

All of the parts that repair Mate uses for its iPhone 7 Plus screen repair are not genuine but are of the highest quality. It is because of such quality in our business that we can confidently flaunt our standard 90 days or 3 months warranty on most of our repairs.

We also can conduct LCD replacements if it's necessary to keep your phone screen at maximum efficiency Even though Repair Mate specializes on replacing the screens of iPhone 7 Plus, we are not limited to just those repairs. We do any and everything related to hardware when it comes to the iPhone 7 plus. From battery replacements to home button repairs to water damage assessment, adding tempered glass. Everything will be done to keep your mobile phones at maximum efficiency.

The eligibility of the device for this repair depends upon the Condition of Working LCD & Touch which are as follows:

1. This repair is strictly subject to inspection by our staff/technician.
2. LCD has to be original screen fitted by the manufacturer and never been repaired before.
3. LCD & touch screen has to be in 100% working condition.
4. Pressure marks on screen, Pink screen, damage lines on LCD, dead pixels and other defects of LCD and touch screen are not applicable to get repaired under this product (Please select damaged LCD product). 
5. LCD showing signs of ageing and or transparent vision are also do not meet the condition of this repair option.
6. The LCD has to be salvageable condition. This repair option will not be applicable if we believe that the LCD will not be in salvageable condition after disassembly.

Repair Mate staff will make decision after inspection if this repair cost is applicable for screen repair.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement Service in Melbourne:

We offer high-quality screen replacements in Melbourne. The parts that we use are on part with any manufacturer produced parts. Even though the screen we use is from a third party producer, there is no lag in terms of quality. If you want to get your phone repaired at an affordable price, just bring in your device to our store on Little Collins Street, Melbourne.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement Service in Sydney Rockdale:

Repair Mate Sydney specializes in repairs of iPhone 7 Plus. It also offers a standard 90 days warranty on High-quality screen repairs. The parts used are of the highest quality but nevertheless are from a third party manufacturer. Free from the hassles of the Aftermarket low-quality screen you will find in the market. The Screens used here will definitely change your perception about third-party repair products. If you are seeking affordable screen repairs in Sydney, drop by our store on 495 Princess Highway as it is the best place to have your screen fixed.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement Service in Carnegie:

If the city is far for you or is strolling the Carnegie Central, visit Kiosk 3 and get your iPhone 7 an affordable High-Quality screen replacement on spot! We stock a large inventory to give your device the repair it needs within a day. The estimated repair time is normally 1 day. The reason we do this is that at Repair Mate we have a culture of observing the device even after repair so that, we can identify any underlying problems that may arise in the future. The actual repair ranges from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

How do I place an order for repair:

Well, you can go through our website, browse what repair you have in mind and add that item to the shopping cart. After that at you can check out as a guest or log in if you have an account. You can choose your device logistics for both directions and other details like payment option and so on. Then you can confirm it to place the order. You will receive an email notification of your order placement.



Should you back up your data before bringing in the device:
As we mainly focus on hardware issues only, we do not touch, delete or wipe the data on your phone. But, to be on the safe side we highly recommend each individual to back up the data on their phone before bringing it to us.

Unless an issue is related to other components, screen repair generally fixes these issues:

Fix hairline phone screen crack
Fix cracked screen
Fix broken Screen
Fix smashed Screen
Fix shattered Screen
Fix scratched Screen
Fix screen Damages
Fix broken front glass

Repair Service Include

    • Digitizer Touch Screen Glass for iPhone 7 Plus
    • Fitting of iPhone 7 Plus screen
    • 90 days warranty on replacement part/s

Repair Feature

    • New High Quality Touch Screen Replacement
    • Replace your broken, damaged, unusable Touch Screen
    • Repair completed within 1 hour

Compatible Models for Screen Replacement (Working Display & Touch) [High Quality]

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus

We offer Free pick up for most repairs booked online from some of these areas:

  • VIC : Post Code 3000 to 3996
  • NSW : Post Code 2000 to 2880
    (Including 3644, 3691, 3707, 4377, 4383 & 4385)
  • ACT : Post Code 2600 to 2914
  • NT : Post Code 0800 to 0886
  • QLD : Post Code 4000 to 4895
  • SA : Post Code 5000 to 5960
  • TAS : Post Code 700o to 7470
  • WA : Post Code 6000 to 6958

Repair Service Centre locations

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  • Repair Mate South Yarra
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Repair Risks

This device will not retain its water proofing feature after repair, general wear and tear during repair process is unavoidable.

Repair Mate : Melbourne's Leading Gadget Repair Specialists

Over thousand Repairs makes us Melbourne's most trusted repairer! We make it simple, easy and hassle-free to get your device back to working order with any fault. Our technicians are trained for iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement (Working Display & Touch) [High Quality] to perfection, where each component is seated properly and each screw tightened enough to ensure a firm hold.

Frequently Asked Question about this repair

Repairing Service

  • Screen Replacement (Working Display & Touch) [High Quality] $119.00
  • $ 119.00
  • Book Repair

The price is inclusive of Parts, Labour & GST. No Additional charges.

Please Note

Device manufactured with water-proof ability might not retain water-proof ability and manufacturer's warranty might no longer be valid after device being repaired. Repair Time are estimated repair time in best case scenario and parts required being available in stock. Cost is estimate only & subject to change anytime without notice. Some areas might be outside our courier pick up zone and no postage credit is offered when handset is sent by the customer.