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Charging Port Repair

Charging Port Repair

In case you want to repair the charging dock, we are here to help. How frustrating is it, when you put your phone in charge and later come back to find out that it hasn’t charged at all? It is an absolute nightmare. Now, there could be a few straightforward reasons. 1. You never switched on the power socket that your phone was plugged into. Agonizing! 2. The charging cable does not fit completely into the charging port of your phone. 3. The charging adapter has stopped working. 4. The charging cable has gone bad. 5. The charging port of your phone is broken or damaged. 6. The charging IC is burnt. A charging port could be damaged in many ways. You could completely break the charging port. This issue is more common among Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C charging ports. Such charging ports are characteristics of Android smartphones and tablets. In iPhones and iPads, it is more common to scrape off the pins from the walls of the charging port. This happens because of using poor quality charging cables. Other times, it just the collection of dirt that prevents proper connection between the charger head and the charging port resulting into charging issues. It is highly likely that the charging port breaks off or the leads are scrapped off when tried to clean the dirt without the proper tool. Whatever be the reason, if the charging port is not working properly, Repair Mate fixes charging ports on most phones and tablets. The service is available for Android as well as iOS devices. Generally, charging port repair doesn't take long. So, most devices with charging port issues can be repaired within an hour or two except for those which require de-soldering and soldering of the charging port. LG L80 is one such phone. Also, most tablets’ charging port needs micro-soldering to fix. Sometimes, charging port comes attached with other parts such as audio jack and microphone, in a single unit. This is the case with iPhones. In such case, the whole dock is replaced with a new one and we make sure that all units function properly. Users must understand that phones and tablets have a dedicated microchip that regulates charging process. Whenever an incompatible adapter is used, or poor-quality charger is used, they might not regulate the power supply into your devices as per standard of the manufacturing company. This may result in burning out of the charging IC. Hence, charging issues start to surface. Therefore, it is very important to use a good quality charging cable. As far as possible, we recommend using the original charger. Since charging port is concerned with the power system of the device, it requires quality parts and expert handling. Repair Mate guarantees both.