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iPhone 6S Plus Repair

iPhone 6S Plus repair in Repair Mate Melbourne with expert repair technicians and high quality parts.

iPhone 6S Plus Repair

Repair Features

  • Standard Warranty on All Repairs.
  • Trained for iPhone 6S Plus repair.
  • Fast and on time repair.
  • Reasonable price for your repairs.
  • Fix most fault in iPhone 6S Plus.
  • Manufacturer specification followed.
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We can fix almost every fault with iPhone 6S Plus, if you are unable to find repair listed here for your device please click on Request Quote below to get general quote for repair.

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Repair List

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Repair List

Can't find repair in the list ?

We can fix almost every fault with iPhone 6S Plus, if you are unable to find repair listed here for your device please click on Request Quote below to get general quote for repair.

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iPhone 6S Plus Repair Service in Melbourne:

The iPhone 6S Plus was released in the September of 2015 with a sleek dimension of 158.2*77.9*7.3mm with an increased weight of 192g. It carries over its aluminum body from its predecessors. It also sports a LED black lit IPS LCD with a capacitive touchscreen capable of multitouch. The screen has been increased to 5.5 inches from 4 inches of the iPhone 5 models. The screen is protected from an ion-strengthened glass with an oleophobic coating. It houses an iOS 9 which is upgradable to 11.4.1 version. It has a dual-core 1.84 GHz twister CPU and a Power VR GT7600 graphics. 

One of the classics of the iPhone range but that doesn’t mean it exists without its flaws. From the most common problem like Screen breakage, charging port damage, battery issues to home button problems, housing damage and so on... Anyone of these problems may occur at any given period of time.

So the best course of action to take is to bring it to Repair Mate where professionals who specialize on iPhones will assess and repair it for you without any kind of hindrances in between. 

Whatever may be the problem, if you are looking for professionals who specialize on iPhone 6S Plus and cater to repair need of this device, look no further! We are professional mobile phone & Tablet repairer with experience in thousands of devices under our belt. We do carry a large inventory of parts in our location and carry out repairs quick.

iPhone 6S Plus Screen Replacement Service in Melbourne:

The most common problem you will face with any kind of mobile devices is the problem of screen breakage of screen damage. It creates a hassle in our daily lives. The customer wants a cost of iPhone 6S Plus screen replacement that is reasonable and of the highest quality. If you are looking to get rid of the hassle of using a broken screen or you want to have a brand new screen on it but fear for the quality of the screen takes you over. Look no further!

If you are looking to free yourself from the hassle of a broken screen or LCD, look no further for we provide the best screen replacement you could ask for. We sport a range of LCD and screen replacement for this model. All of the parts we use for the screen replacement are of the highest quality.

iPhone 6S Plus Repair Via Postal Service or Courier Collection in Melbourne:

We offer free pick up on most of our repair services. For other ways to get your device back or to us is through career services for which we charge nominal fees. For most repair options and most area Australia wide we do offer collection service via our array of courier partners, all you need to do is check appropriate repair page and book your service online.

iPhone 6S Plus Repair Warranty

We offer a standard 90 says warranty on most repairs. Sometimes repairs done on your device may falter due to career inefficiencies or postal service inefficiencies. We want our customers to be able to speak freely about this problem if it occurs. If this happened we want to do right by our customers. However, this warranty does not include a device which has any evidence of physical damage, liquid damage and other human-caused damages

iPhone 6S Plus Repair Appointment in Melbourne:

We do entertain “walk-in” for our customers, meaning you can directly come to the physical stores for repair but we highly encourage booking online through our website for the following reasons:

  • Booking ahead online allows us to reserve certain parts that are needed for your repair.
  • If parts are not available we have time to source these parts for you.
  • Technicians specializing on your device can be prepped for pending repair.

iPhone 6S Plus Repair Services in Melbourne:

We do almost any kind of hardware services you can think of on your iPhone 6S Plus. We do service most faults that can be economically repaired to restore your iPhone 6S Plus in top notch condition. Below are some of the repairs we see often:

  • Screen Repair
  • LCD Repair
  • Battery Issue Repair
  • Charging Issue Repair
  • Front Camera Issue Repair
  • Back Camera Issue Repair
  • Earpiece Speaker Issue Repair

Repair Mate is one of the best choice for mobile phone and tablet repair offering high quality repair service at affordable cost.

Manufactured Models of iPhone 6S Plus

  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus Black
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus White
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus Gold

We offer Free pick up for most repairs booked online from some of these areas:

  • VIC : Post Code 3000 to 3996
  • NSW : Post Code 2000 to 2880
    (Including 3644, 3691, 3707, 4377, 4383 & 4385)
  • ACT : Post Code 2600 to 2914
  • NT : Post Code 0800 to 0886
  • QLD : Post Code 4000 to 4895
  • SA : Post Code 5000 to 5960
  • TAS : Post Code 700o to 7470
  • WA : Post Code 6000 to 6958

Repair Service Centre location

  • Repair Mate Melbourne

    Level 3, Suite 307
    365 Little Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000

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